Creative Director
At the heart of my work lies a passion for inspiring and cultivating fandom through captivating storytelling across various mediums - from video to print, social media to live events. As a Creative Director, I've had the privilege of leading and working with diverse teams at Bravo, USA Network, SYFY WIRE, TNT and tbs, envisioning and executing large-scale marketing campaigns and buzz-worthy live events that engage millions of dedicated fans.
Drawing from my background in engineering, I've learned to seamlessly integrate logical problem-solving with creative ingenuity, resulting in eye-catching content that resonates deeply with its audience. My leadership philosophy centers on removing obstacles, fostering innovation, and nurturing team well-being, ensuring that every project we undertake is not only successful but also enjoyable.
Throughout my career, I've spearheaded numerous impactful initiatives, from directing award-winning documentaries to launching inspiring social impact marketing campaigns. And while working with A-listers has been thrilling, my most cherished on-screen moments involve adorable puppies in projects like American Ninja Warrior: Puppy vs. Puppy,  Barknado and The Beverly Hills Dog Show.
I'm on a mission to tackle exciting topics such as sustainability in the creative process and the role of AI in content creation. If you share my enthusiasm for innovation and connection, drop me a line.

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